The Subtle Significance of the Democratic Candidates’ Logos

VP Biden: Portrait shoot by Andrew "Andy" Cutraro. 459 EEOB Studio

Joe Biden

“Our best days still lie ahead.”

Vision for the United States:

  • Strengthening collective bargaining and unions
  • Healthcare for all
  • Tackling climate change
  • Criminal justice reform
  • Stronger labor laws and tax codes to help the middle class
  • Securing the border while maintaining humanity, values, and principles


Joe Biden is currently leading the polls within the democratic candidates. He’s a familiar face with strong ideas for change that many Americans can get behind. The logo of his campaign is emblazoned with three red lines to make the “E” in Biden and its significance is subtle yet powerful. One can argue that the three red lines are symbolic of equality among all classes. They also represent patriotism, the American flag, and the values that our nation was built on. Equality, liberty, and justice for all.


Elizabeth Warren

“Fighting for America’s promise for all of us.”

Vision for the United States:

  • ”Medicare for All”: Cut healthcare costs to nearly zero for all Americans without increasing middle-class taxes
  • End Washington corruption: Stop Senators and Congressmen from trading stocks in office or becoming lobbyists when they retire.
  • Boost public education’s reach, quality and delivery to all Americans
  • Student loan debt relief
  • Universal free childcare
  • Cut the defense budget and bring the troops home


Elizabeth Warren’s campaign logo is simple, to the point, and rigid. It is reflective of her no-nonsense policies and determination to make lasting change in the United States. With simply a line underneath “Warren,” there are no frills to be found within this logo. The uniformity of it is in line with the candidate’s vision of an equal playing field for all American citizens, no matter their race, gender or economic background.

Sanders-021507-18335- 0004

Bernie Sanders

“Not me. Us.”

Vision for the United States:

  • Healthcare as a right for all
  • Green New Deal for tackling the climate crisis
  • College for All: Make public colleges and universities tuition-free and cancel all student loan debt.
  • Workplace democracy to include bargaining for better wages, better benefits and improved working conditions.
  • Expand social security
  • Affordable housing for all


Bernie is no stranger to the American people. His logo is comprised of his last name with a blue wave and a red wave underneath. The design of his logo is reflective of his ideals and inline with his powerful slogan. A “blue wave” or “red wave” is a term that refers to either the Democratic or Republican landslide win during an election. Bernie’s logo implies that both parties are equal and that we can all make change together better than we can if acting alone.



Pete Buttigieg

“It’s time for a new generation of American leadership.”Vision for the United States:

  • Better inclusion for people with disabilities
  • Criminal justice reform
  • Increase women’s power in politics, the economy and society in general
  • Give more power back to Native Americans
  • Full equality for the LGBTQ community
  • Affordable, universal healthcare for all
  • Fight climate change and implement clean energy
  • Gun safety: Universal background checks, ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines, nationwide gun licensing system.


A hometown mayor turned presidential candidate, Pete Buttigieg has big plans. The focal point of his logo is his name, “Pete,” which is short for his legal first name of “Peter.” The laid back air of using his informal name makes Pete feel like he is just like every other American citizen. His name appears to be held within a bridge in the logo which is fitting for his campaign platform. This trailblazer is looking to bridge the gap and create equality for the lesser served populations of America. Women, Native Americans, Black America, and the LGBTQ community are at the forefront of Pete’s campaign.


Kamala Harris

“For the people.”

Vision for the United States:

  • Affordable healthcare for all
  • Economic justice: Fair wages and affordable housing for all.
  • Increase teacher pay
  • Combat climate change
  • Criminal justice reform
  • Immigration reform
  • Gun safety: Assault weapons ban and universal background checks
  • Protecting rights for the LGBTQ community
  • Student loan debt relief and debt-free college education for all Americans
  • Gender and racial equality


Kamala Harris’ logo is bright, fun, and unique. Adorned in purple and red font, “Kamala Harris For The People” is an eye-catcher. It is non-traditional and evokes the feeling of new ideas. Kamala Harris has ideas for change that are similar to other candidates but her delivery and passion are exciting and a breath of fresh air. She was quoted as saying, “Any fight – any good fight – is born out of optimism.”

Kamala’s funky and fun logo reflects her optimism and hope for change to make the United States a more enjoyable place for all Americans.


The 7 Most Inappropriate Logos Of All Time

A logo can help to make or break a company. Good logos should be designed with the brand in mind and one look at a logo should evoke the feeling of the company’s brand. Color choice, placement and font should be considered when brainstorming logo ideas. Unfortunately, some designs have come up short in these areas. To be fair, it may not always be the designer’s fault. The results are hilarious for the public but perhaps a tad embarrassing for the companies.


1. Comprehensive Health Care
This was intended to be cute and to be honest, it still is but not for the right reasons. It was supposed to be a house with loving, welcoming arms wrapped around it. Instead what you see is what looks like a house that you just walked in on while it was undressing. The window placement gives it a surprised-looking face while the warm embrace of the arms looks more like a feeble attempt to save its dignity. The “Welcome Home!” across the bottom also adds to the idea of a surprise visitor intruding on a person in the buff. It almost makes you feel embarrassed for the house! Despite its obvious shortcomings, this is still a surprisingly cute logo but it makes it hard to take the company seriously.


2. Locum
Locum is a Swedish property management company. The word “locum” also refers to a person who fills in temporarily for another person of the same profession, typically a doctor or someone similar. Unfortunately, this logo didn’t quite convey either of those meanings. Instead, it gave a very different impression. A lowercase “L” followed by a heart for the “O” and then the remaining letters made this logo appear more as an adult rated exclamation. Maybe this logo fail can be partially blamed on a language barrier but either way, it’s cringeworthy.


3. A Style
A Style’s logo was designed in 1989 and began being marketed in Italy 1999. It’s simple and yet it is able to unintentionally convey an odd message. It looks like a strange road sign, perhaps promoting mating season? Again, a simple change of placement for one of those heads- or, uhh… dots-  could have changed the entire look of the logo. The logo was so strange that it caught the attention of newspapers and television stations worldwide. They say any publicity is good publicity but sometimes that’s just not the case.


4. The Cleveland Browns
NFL teams make millions of dollars each year. The price of a soda in an NFL stadium is astronomical alone! With all of those profits being made, you would think they would be able to invest in a little creative marketing for their team logos. Apparently, the Cleveland Browns didn’t think so. Their logo is simply a football helmet. And, it’s not even brown- it’s orange! Then again, what kind of mascot do you give a team whose name is “Browns” anyway? The football helmet looks like someone quit the project halfway through and said, “Ehh… Good enough!”


5. Clinica Dental
Not too many people enjoy going to the dentist but this office seems to be a little more fun. That’s what their logo suggests anyway. It shows two abstract people- one standing up and the other on their back with their legs at the other person’s waist. At first glance, the logo seems to portray a different kind of bedside manner than you typically receive in a doctor’s office. Maybe this dentist’s office just has a different definition of patient care.


6. The Detail Doctor
This logo is full of irony but not really the good kind. It’s about a basic as basic can be and it’s not a great first impression for someone calling themselves “The Detail Doctor.” First of all, that font is a basic Papyrus font that comes standard on any computer. While a standard, unaltered font can be fine in logo design, it really isn’t doing any favor in its use here. The car in the logo is lacking any detail at all and yet it’s not abstract enough to be edgy. The color of the font and the color of the car do not match nor do they contrast enough to make it visually appealing. It basically looks as if someone tried printing this logo as the printer ran out of ink. There is so much “nope” in this logo. Remember, pay attention to details. Pun intended.


7. Kids Exchange
Spacing, spacing, spacing! What was intended to be advertising for a children’s used clothing store now appears to be a place for major, life changing operations performed on small children. When there isn’t enough distinctive space between letters, you get a result like this. Yikes!

Common reasons why startups fail

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Whether a startup makes it or breaks it within its first year determines its ultimate success.

While the reasons for a startup’s success or failure can seem elusive, they usually boil down to simple things you can do before your product or service even goes to market. According to a analysis, most startups fail for one or more three main reasons.

Let’s go over those reasons and how you can avoid them so that your startup is a success!

The Wrong Team

The people who you have working on — and in — your startup are a key factor in its ultimate success. According to the CBInsights study, not having the right team contributes to 23 percent of startup failures. This included situations in which the founding team wasn’t able to handle the workload on their own (or with minimal help from outside contractors). That’s one reason that versatility among your team members is key. However, a successful team goes beyond their skill set: They have an entrepreneurial mindset that allows them to “roll with the punches.”

Everyone on the team must be comfortable with shifting goals and needs and be able to adapt their skills to any situation.

It’s also likely that having two co-founders makes a startup much more likely to succeed,  because it prevents anyone’s perspective from defining the overall scope of the business. This can lead to tunnel vision that limits the startup’s ability to attain a following.

Not Enough Cash

Many startups simply run out of money. The first year, you should expect to be in the red, but your financial plan should allow you to recoup your costs by the end of year two. Moreover, you need to be in a position where you can raise more money — and that means passing milestones that make you more appealing to investors, such as a certain number of customers or the elimination of a major risk.

Too often, startup founders assume that time spent in business closely correlates with the value of that business. However, many more factors go into this valuation, including the cost of acquiring customers, the rate of customer adoption of your products or services, and demonstrable profitability. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to run the business solely on profits for the first two years, so being in a position where investors want to invest is crucial to your eventual success.

No Market Need

The ultimate goal for a startup — to meet a market need — is tied to the number one reason for startup failure. If the product or service is not needed, the startup will fail. If it doesn’t fit the market in terms of price or target audience, the startup will fail. If the market is oversaturated and the product or service being offered can’t stand out, the startup will fail. That’s why it’s crucial to do extensive market research before going to market. Many failed startups simply didn’t listen to prospective customers; they focused on what they thought was important rather than what actually was important to customers.

Wrapping Up

Based on these failures, to ensure your startup’s success, there are a few simple steps you can take. First, build a strong, versatile team with whom to launch your startup. Look for adaptability, passion, and a collaborative spirit, rather than people who are just there to do the job or who tend to “silo” themselves into certain roles. Second, build safety measures into your financial plan so that you can buffer against unexpected setbacks or slow starts. Also, set clear milestones to achieve to increase your appeal to investors at each stage in your growth.  Finally, conduct extensive market research — even more than you think you might need. Closely evaluate the market need and timing for your product or service, as well as the success and rates set by your competitors. Find ways to fill any gaps left by your competitors, and tune your marketing into customers’ needs rather than your idea of what makes your product great. Be sure that you are gaining customers’ feedback, whether through surveys or even a trial/testing period of the product, before you go to market.

By following these best practices, you’re much more likely to be one of the 10 percent of startups that succeed. Do your homework, make careful plans, and check your ego. While there is no guarantee of success, taking the necessary steps to align your business with market needs and assemble all the tools and resources that you need to scale up will bring you much closer to the reality of having your dream company be a hit.

What Makes Trump’s Political Brand So Powerful?


President Donald Trump’s political slogan has made shockwaves around the world for the last several years. You’ve seen it and heard it over and over again. Those red hats with the white letters are about as simple as an accessory can come but they make a powerful statement: Make America Great Again. They sold for just $25 and it has been claimed that millions of hats have been purchased. At one point during campaigning, more money was spent marketing the iconic hats than on polling, TV commercials, and consultations! What makes this campaign so powerful? First, let’s take a look at the history behind the phrase.

The History of Making America Great Again
President Trump was not the first politician to use the slogan. In fact, it has been used on both sides of political parties. President Ronald Reagan first used the term in his 1980’s campaign. He never trademarked it but it became a staple in his 1980 campaign. The United States was being hit hard with economic distress and President Reagan had a dream to turn the country’s economic crisis around. The slogan was meant to stir patriotism and instill hope among frustrated Americans.

President Bill Clinton then used the term in his speeches during the early 90’s. It wasn’t a campaign slogan but rather a term that he used when addressing his supporters during his campaigning. The phrase was also used in 2008 in a radio commercial for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. “Make America Great Again” has also been used in political books prior to President Trump’s campaign. Titles include The Good Fight: Why Liberals – and Only Liberals – Can Win the War on Terror and Make America Great Again in 2006 and Troublemaker: Let’s Do What It Takes To Make America Great Again in 2011. President Trump’s opponents, Ted Cruz and Scott Walker, even began using the phrase in their speeches before being served with cease and desist letters.

Canva - Group of People Holding Posters.jpgA Recipe For Inspiration And Change
So what makes the phrase so powerful now? President Trump’s time in office has created passion amongst supporters and opponents alike. Interestingly, this is what truly makes America great. We live in a country where freedom reigns and our voices are encouraged to be heard no matter where we lie on the political spectrum.


  • Simple and timeless: The phrase itself has been used by politicians with vast political ideas for at least four decades. It has inspired social change and policy implementation for Americans since the 80’s.
  • Application: It can be applied to any social issue. From social welfare, immigration, foreign aid, healthcare, and education, making America great again is up for interpretation of how it can be achieved.
  • Adaptability: Make America Great Again can be used for inspiration for any point of view. We all see different facets of American society with a different set of eyes. Every American has their own ideas of what America needs to be better and what “being better” looks like. It is up to the American people to advocate for their beliefs, which is truly what makes America great in the first place.
  • Patriotism: No matter what your political stance is, the phrase itself aims to make you proud to be an American. Whatever you see as the greatness that encompasses American life is what you should be inspired to support and achieve.
  • Controversy: The term “Make America Great Again” has traditionally sparked patriotism but in recent years, some have viewed it as a threat against minorities and the lower class. This idea has further fueled American’s free speech and inspired less represented populations to take a stand for change.

Making The Future Great
The world is an ever-evolving place and the United States plays a critical role in many societies around the globe. It is our job to continue to fight for freedom and liberty both domestically and, when needed, internationally. One thing that can be agreed upon in regards to “Make America Great Again” is that it has helped to ignite passions around the globe. The slogan has helped to make more Americans aware of what is going on around them. “Make America Great Again” should always serve as a reminder that we, the American people, create our own future. We have been given the responsibility to fight for our own destiny and the future of generations to follow. Our passion, power, and democracy should not be taken lightly. Every American citizen has the ability to create change and make the world a better place.

What makes America great is a constantly changing ideal. Ask yourself, “What can I do to make America great again?”

Why is design important in your website?

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In order to have a successful business, it is imperative that you focus on web design. This is because many potential customers will visit your website in order to learn about your brand, products, and services, which means that you will only have a small window of time to deliver a great first impression with hopes of keeping them around.

Your web design is important because having a great one makes for a smooth, seamless visit for your leads that brings you one step closer to gaining conversions.

Focusing on web design is essential

It ensures your website is user-friendly

When people visit a website that is visually unappealing, difficult to navigate, not optimized for mobile, and is just plain confusing, they tend to leave it pretty quickly. Visiting a website means that the lead is looking for something, whether it be an answer to a question, knowledge of a specific product, or even just to learn about a particular brand. But no one is going to give their time and attention to something that is difficult to use and confusing.

Visitors tend to make a decision on whether or not they’re going to stay on a website within the first ten seconds. If they get on there and it takes forever to load, or they can’t find what they’re looking for, they’re going to leave and find another similar website to check out.

Ensure that your website is designed with the user in mind; simple to navigate, informative, and with great aesthetics.

Great web design helps your SEO ranking

Businesses are finally beginning to understand the importance of search engine rankings. These rankings can either make or break the traffic that your website receives, but the design itself actually impacts your ranking.

There are specific elements to a website that affect how search engines rank your site. This includes content but also includes more specific design elements such as load time and keywords. In order to make sure that your website is ranking highly on search engines, you need to spend the time, money, and effort to focus on optimizing your site.

● It provides a positive first impression

Your website will be the first impression that the majority of consumers have of your brand. This impression will often be made within seconds and will determine the course of each person’s story with you.

A website that has poor aesthetics or is unprofessional and difficult to navigate will make a really poor impression. People will be leaving you quickly to find a similar product or service elsewhere.

Your website is actually a huge part of branding your business, which allows you to show yourself as a memorable and worthwhile business in your industry. That first impression then is everything when it comes to creating a brand worth buying from. Focusing on crafting the perfect website allows you to set your brand up for success.

It allows you to differentiate from competitors

With so many similar businesses out there, it is essential that you are able to set yourself apart from your competition. You need to appear to be the expert in your industry, the one with the answers, the right brand with the right products.

One of the best ways to do that is by crafting a website that is unique, user-friendly, and tells the story of your brand in an authentic, connection-based way. When you design your website so that your brand shines, you are ensuring that you are differentiating yourself, producing a great first impression, and ranking highly on search engines in order to increase visibility and bring in more leads.

What are the most popular businesses to start?

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One of the great things about today’s business climate is that people are far less likely to settle. More people than ever before are preparing to jump in and start their own businesses. While some people know exactly what industry they want to start a business in, others simply have the drive and the desire but aren’t sure what exactly to do.

The decision to start a business is typically a great one. You can find financial freedom for yourself and your family, as well as spend your days working for yourself instead of filling someone else’s pocketbooks. Still, determining what type of business to start and how to start it can be very difficult.

If you are ready to break away from the rat race and jump into entrepreneurship, here are some of the best ideas for you:

Mobile Auto Repair

There comes a time for everyone when their car needs routine maintenance or repairs and it can be a huge hassle to get the car to the auto shop. Those who have auto repair skills might find a lucrative business in starting mobile auto repairs. While there may be some work that needs a shop, much of the routine maintenance and repairs can easily be done in a client’s driveway or garage.

Food Truck

Everyone needs to eat, and often people end up eating on the go. Food trucks are a great hit, especially in areas replete with offices. The great thing about a food truck is that if you make delicious food, you can get this business started with low startup fees compared to opening a restaurant. If the food is good and you’re parked in the right spot, there’s no stopping your success.


Every business needs accounting services, which means that the possibilities are endless when it comes to starting an accounting business. It can be fairly simple to determine your niche and start marketing your business to potential clients. If you know what you’re doing, this business merely requires putting yourself out there to find your first clients. Once you have some clients under your belt, recommendations and referrals will help your business continue to grow.

Be aware of accounting requirements in your area, as licensing or training may be required.

Mobile Electronic Repair

If you know how to repair a Smartphone and other electronics, you have a ready-made business under your belt. There’s no need to lease an office space; ensure that you have low startup costs and are available for clients at their convenience by taking your repair business on the road. Customers will love that you go to them for repairs instead of making them head your way.

Child Enrichment Activities

Parents are always looking for activities to enrich their children’s lives. If you have knowledge or training in some skills, consider starting a business for children. Whether it be an arts academy, child’s yoga classes, theater, swimming, horseback riding, or a language, whatever skill you may be proficient in could make an incredible business opportunity.


Canva - Person Holding Photo of Single Tree at Daytime.jpg

Everyone wants to have the next big idea. They imagine getting their business going with a bang and having instant success. That’s why every year sees a huge number of new startups. While most startups won’t have the incredible success that some such as Facebook or Google have had, many at least rise up and make a name for themselves.

It’s great to be in the know and able to look out for some top startups right at their advent. Keep an eye out for these recent startups:

New Startups To Look For


This is a messaging platform designed to be used internally in the workplace. Slack allows team members to communicate with one another from anywhere, as long as they have their work devices. It is useful for building team camaraderie, as well as for continuing collaboration no matter where people are.


CastBox is a podcast platform that has a goal of becoming the “YouTube of audio.” The specially designed podcast player makes it simple for users to discover new podcasts. The audio search functions of CastBox are constantly being upgraded, with the next goal being the ability to process natural languages.


Acorns is a top investment tool for everyone, no matter how little they understand about investments. All one needs to do is connect their debit card to the app, and the app starts rounding every purchase up to the nearest dollar and using it to build a portfolio for the consumer. It’s hands-down the easiest way to get going with investments.

● Instacart

Instacart is every parent’s dream. With the app, you can order your groceries and an Instacart shopper will head out to the store of your choice to do your shopping for you. Not only that, they deliver your groceries right to your house afterward. It is currently valued at $7.6 billion and serves over 500,000 customers.


Wellness businesses are all the rage these days. Everyone is interested in learning how to be healthy, be at peace, and keep a level head. That’s why Calm is such a popular app, valued at $250 million. This wellness app offers content and tools that help with meditation, mental wellness, mindfulness, and even sleep.


Coinbase is a crypto-exchange. Essentially, it is like a bank for cryptocurrencies. Coinbase facilitates the exchange of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

Keep an eye out for these startups and many more. They’re on the rise, and only time will tell which ones are going to rise up.