Five Of The Most Iconic Logos of All Time

A brand logo is one of the essential parts, or, almost ​the ​most important of any business. It is a company’s visual identity that is simplified into a logo. The logo is what makes or breaks a company in the eyes of the consumer.

There have been some logos that show us what we don’t want our logos to look like and, others, that are the most iconic logos yet. In this blog post, that’s what we’ll discuss; five of the most iconic logos of all time.

The Five Most Iconic Logos of All Time

1. Nike.​ Although Nike was founded in 1964, it wasn’t until 1971 that the iconic logo we’ve grown to love came around. 1971 was when ‘Blue Ribbon Sports’ changed its name to Nike, expanding into producing their own footwear. This was also when they came out with their ‘swoosh’ logo, which implies speed and movement. Designer Carolyn Davidson was paid a total of $35 for her work on the logo that has become one of the best in history.


2. Google.​ This logo is the one that thousands and thousands of people open up their browsers every day to, and I think that alone speaks for how iconic it is. This is the centerpiece for a website that has countless users, and the bright, colorful logo reflects Google’s playful business vibe.


3. Microsoft.​ Another one with all the colors, Microsoft is one of the best logos yet. Each color symbolizes something different, making the logo something more than just fun and colorful, although it certainly is that too. Green represents the fun of Xbox, the yellow represents surface, the blue represents Windows and red is for office.


4. eBay. ​Before eBay was eBay, it was Auction Web. When, in September 199, Auction Web changed its name to eBay, it was only five years later, in 2012, that they came out with their new logo. Fun colors and zig-zag letters are all parts of this famous logo that has become one of the best in history.


5. FedEx.​ FedEx is, perhaps, one of the best examples of a competent, iconic logo that we’ve seen so far in this blog post. FedEx has taken subliminal advertising to a whole new level. If you look very closely at this iconic logo, right between the white space between the E and the X, you’ll see an arrow. It conveys speedy delivery and is part of what makes this logo one of the best yet.

Logos are the base of any good business. They speak for your business and, overall, are one of the deciding factors of whether or not a consumer will use your company.

It’s crucial that when creating your logo, you want to make it the best it can be. Above is a list of five of the most iconic logos of all time. These logos are great examples of what excellent logos look like and are the base for all good logos.

Cool New Start-ups

We have seen more and more startups nowadays that we should keep our eye on. These startups may not look like much right now, but we’re guessing that in a few years they’ll be taking the business world by storm.

If you’re here, then I’m guessing that you’re interested in finding out what these startups are and, fortunately for you, that’s exactly what we’ll tell you about; three of the coolest startups that are currently going strong.

Three Cool New Start-ups

1. Bankity.​

Bankity was founded in 2016 and is a front end digital banking app that will allow it’s users to track all of their expenses. By this, they’ll be able to, overall, understand their finances. Also, the company has recently started offering a credit card. They partner with banks to provide customers with back end financial services. The company is based in Medellin, Columbia, and makes money through fees and interest charges.

2. Cover.

This start-up has one mission; to make people’s dreams of living in a well built and thoughtfully designed home a reality. This business builds modern designed backyard accessory dwelling units. These are also known as ‘in-law suites’ or ‘granny flats.’ They are compact homes that are separate from the main building. The homeowners add these on to their property for other uses.

3. Cushion.​

This start-up is based in San Fransico and helps people who get stuck with all the unexpected fees. This business helps to make software to deal with and fight these annoying, as well as unexpected, blips. Problems like foreign transaction fees that users of credit card and bank accounts often trigger are what Cushion fights against with their software. The company helps by negotiating on behalf of the consumers to get their money back into their accounts within 24 hours. The business, Cushion, then proceeds to keep 25 percent of any of the refunded money that their software helps recover.

The three start-ups above are some of the best and, in our opinion, are the ones that you should keep your eyes open for. I think they may surprise us and rapidly grow, becoming the competition in the business world. These businesses, although currently, they don’t seem like much, will astonish us.

Every company should keep their eyes on these businesses and keep track of them. You never know what will happen.

Recent Start-up Trends

Businesswoman sitting at round table doing office work.

When 2018 ended, there were many speculations about what trends would appear in 2019. Logo trends, tech trends, and, the topic of today, start-up trends, are all trends that the public was curious to see what would happen to as we entered the new year. It turns out, 2019 lived up to all the expectations people had for start-up trends in the year that’s now just about halfway through.

Although we have already seen some of the start-up trends going around in 2019, we still have a few more months left, and we’re excited to see what trends we’ll see in these remaining months. Many speculations have been made, although we can’t be positive about how they’ll turn out.

Recent Start-up Trends

1. More Personalization.​ We’ve already seen, and I believe we will continue to see in the remaining months of 2019, more and more personalization with marketing. Business, as time goes on, is getting more customer-centered.

This means that marketers will now have to find more ways to engage and attract customers. Campaigns will have to be more personal and customized, now catering to different target audiences. In the future, marketers will have to change or create new techniques by making them more personal to be able to attract and engage their audience.

2. Extended Business Collaboration.​ As 2019 continues, we believe we’ll see more collaboration between start-ups. We believe that, as time goes on, we’ll see more of them open up to potential partnerships and start taking the first steps towards seeking new opportunities. This, which is the vital part, will then lead to increasing the sales of business and start-ups in general. This will, overall, lead to it’s worth being more.

3. Work Will Be Done Outside of The Office.​  When it comes to start-ups and their employees, we believe that more work will begin to be outside of the office. Countless things are, nowadays, just becoming a nuisance and an issue with driving to work. Bad roads, long commute both back and forth to work, and traffic congestion are all becoming too much when it comes to employees traveling to the office.

This, as well as cost savings and productivity-boosting, are reasons why employers are using other means to have their employees work away from the office. Whether it’s from home, cafes, or a coworking space, there are many other means that employers are, and will continue to use in the future to have more work done by employees outside of the office.

Many start-up trends have begun and continued to grow in 2019. We believe that all these trends will continue to grow in the last remaining months of 2019 and into 2020. Above are three of the most recent start-up trends that have developed in 2019 and will continue in the following years.

Logo Trends of 2019


We are officially more than halfway into 2019 and let me tell you, the logo trends we’ve seen so far are some of the best yet. With bright, original, and creative logos filling the business world, we’ve got some pretty significant trends going so far. These trends are taking the business world by storm and setting the pace for 2020.

Below we’ll discuss some of these epic logo trends, letting you have a look at what’s got journalists, business owners and designers so excited about these 2019 logos.

1. Simplification. ​Although this trend has been around and popular for a while now, it’s still kept going strong throughout the beginning of 2019. With a simple logo, it shows that companies are classy, without trying to show off. Companies like American Express and Uber have taken the lead with these logos, keeping their’s simplistic.

2. Bright Colors.​ Once again, bright colors have been a considerable part of logo design for years now and certainly aren’t something new in 2019. But, even though it was already popular, bright colors have still kept up in popularity entering 2019. This graphic trend has been on the top charts for a while now and for a good reason. Bright colors are easy and quick to adapt to a range of different brands and help with conveying the emotions that the brand has. Bright colored logos work great combined with other trends and are easy to work with overall.

3. Gradients. ​When Instagram, years ago, rebranded its logo to include the gradient trend, people were a little surprised. But, it turned out that they started the trend that other businesses were quick to jump at. Now the web is flooded with gradients, and it’s started to be quite a steady trend that we think will continue till the end of 2019.

4. Geometric. ​Geometry and logos; one of the best logo trends to exist. Logos are meant to be symbolic of the brand that they’re displaying, and in geometry, every shape has a meaning. Perfect, right? For instance, a square conveys stability, and a circle means eternity and completeness. The geometric logo trend is one of the best in 2019 and manages to capture and convey businesses as no other trend does.

Many new and classy logo trends have been going around in 2019, and they are some pretty great ones. From simplistic and classy to geometric logo trends, these logo trends are quickly taking the business world by storm. We can’t wait to see what new and exciting logo trends make their presence in the remaining months of 2019 and are even more excited about what will appear in 2020.

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Community Logo Design Contest: Redesign the Rhode Island State Logo – $1000 prize

On March 28th, Rhode Island unveiled its new logo, part of a $5M marketing campaign. Despite the fact that the logo was designed by Milton Glaser, a renowned designer previously responsible for the ILoveNY logo, among others, response has been largely negative, with some going as far as describing the logo as “embarrassing“.

Hatchwise is located right on the Connecticut side of the CT/RI border, in Pawcatuck, CT, and Rhode Island is very near and dear to all of who work at Hatchwise, especially considering most of us actually spend most of our free time in Rhode Island.

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