Scheduled downtime for 7/17/17

Hatchwise will be offline at around 9 PM EST on Sunday the 16th  Monday the 17th, for about an hour (although possibly several hours or more for some users based on where they are located.) as we perform a scheduled update.
All active contests will be extended by 24 hours at no charge to make up for the downtime. If you have any issues during the downtime please send us a Facebook Message as email support may be spotty for a bit.
Thank you for your patience, and the great news is that after this update Hatchwise will be 300% faster!
EDIT: Update postponed to 7/17

Community Logo Design Contest: Redesign the Rhode Island State Logo – $1000 prize

On March 28th, Rhode Island unveiled its new logo, part of a $5M marketing campaign. Despite the fact that the logo was designed by Milton Glaser, a renowned designer previously responsible for the ILoveNY logo, among others, response has been largely negative, with some going as far as describing the logo as “embarrassing“.

Hatchwise is located right on the Connecticut side of the CT/RI border, in Pawcatuck, CT, and Rhode Island is very near and dear to all of who work at Hatchwise, especially considering most of us actually spend most of our free time in Rhode Island.

We have therefore decided to step in and make sure that the people of Rhode Island, indeed, the world, have a voice in designing and selecting the perfect logo to represent Rhode Island, by hosting an unofficial contest to come up with a new design that everyone loves.

The contest is open to everyone, with finalists being selected by Hatchwise staff, the finalists will then be voted on by the general public via an online poll (although Hatchwise staff reserves the right to select the final winner if need be), the winner will receive $1000 (minus Hatchwise processing fee of 20-35%) and the winning design will be presented to the Rhode Island government to do what they want with, free of charge.

View or enter the contest.

Hatchwise scheduled maintenance for 8/11 at 9 am EST


This is a quick note to let everyone know that on Saturday 8/11 we will be taking Hatchwise offline for a little while as we migrate to a new server.
We plan to start around 9 AM EST and hopefully everything will be back to normal within a few hours, although it is possible it may take up to 24 hours if complications arise. A message will be posted on the Hatchwise site updating everyone as to the progress.

All projects will be extended at no charge to make up for the downtime.

If you have any questions at all please email

We are no longer accepting new designers into Hatchwise. We are, however, growing in leaps and bounds.

After much thought we have decided to stop accepting new designers here at Hatchwise for the foreseeable future. We currently have a little over 11,000 registered designers, and the average number of entries is very high, as is the quality of submitted designs, so we’ve made this decision to give our existing community a chance to prove that they have what it takes to keep our customers happy and cut down on any instances of plagiarism.

We’re excited about this change, as hopefully our community will grow closer, and we’ll get to know you all better. It will also help greatly with any misuse of clipart as banned designers will be unable to sign back up.

As far as the future goes, if we do open Hatchwise back up to the outside we’re considering an invite only option, where designers can invite other designers, and possibly have a thorough vetting process after that. Any feedback or ideas on this are very welcome.

If you haven’t been on Hatchwise in a while we would like to encourage you to give us another shot. There are more projects running then ever, and the issues of the past (concept theft, unoriginal design etc…) is virtually a thing of the past.

One thing that we will be handling differently from here forward is accounts being banned.  We still have a zero tolerance policy for clipart – get banned for it and there is no coming back. Accounts that get banned for following other designs to closely will be handled on a case by case basis from here on out, though.

TEASER:  We’re been working for months on Hatchwise 2.0 and are almost done, we’ve redesigned everything and added a ton of new features, check out the screenshot below….

Hatchwise featured in article about logo design in April issue of Inc Magazine

There was much excitement around the office today when upon checking the mail, we got our copy of the April issue of Inc Magazine, and found out that Hatchwise had been included in an article about logo design.

The article chronicles small business owner Steve Whitesell’s journey to develop a new brand for his company, and in the process he tries out a number of different design services, including Hatchwise. Guess which one was his favorite?

In Steve’s words:

“From Hatchwise, I received the most entries — 219. They were also the highest caliber. By the fifth day, I found four or five designers I really liked and started working intensely with them. When I posted a comment for one designer, all the others could see it, and it felt like they were learning about my preferences as a group. I also liked that Hatchwise let me rank the logos as I went along.”

Steve ran the logo design contest to come up with a new logo for his company, Radian. You can check out the archived contest here.

Most of the credit for the success of Steve’s contest (as well as every other successful contest hosted on Hatchwise) obviously needs to go to our talented, inspired community of designers, without all of you, there obviously is no Hatchwise. Thank you for your participation.

You can read the web version of the article on (sadly, sans logos). Below are a few snapshots of the actual magazine article, pretty blurry but they get the idea across:

Click for full size

Click for full size

Writing and Naming Projects are now on Hatchwise

Hello and Greetings from Hatchwise,
Here at Hatchwise we believe that once you “hatch” as a business your journey has just begun, and ever since we launched Hatchwise we have constantly been growing, innovating, and improving our services as our community has faithfully provided us with feedback.

A month or two ago we launched Brandstorming Sessions, a cool new way to come up with a brand for your company or product, and today we are excited to be launching Writing Projects and Naming Projects.

Naming Projects – for those without a name

So you need a slogan, tagline, company name, product name or available domain name but can’t for the life of you think of one? We can help!The process is simple: tell the creatives the details of what you are looking to name, select a prize amount (as low as $60!) and watch the suggestions pour in! If what you are looking for is an incredibly cool available domain name for your new website, the Creatives will make sure that their suggestions are available to register!

Start a Naming Project

Check out the prices
Learn more about How It Works

Creatives: Check out open Naming Projects

Writing Projects –  a cool way to find a writer

We’ve come up with a cool new way for you to connect with a writer the next time you need a book, short story, script, lyrics, poetry, resume, article, seo content or some website content written.

How does it work?
It’s simple: just post a project detailing what type of writing you are looking for, and creatives will begin writing and posting a portion of the project (generally around 250 words per entry) for you to review. You then look over the entries and select your favorite, at which point the winning creative writes and delivers the entire project.

A simple, easy to use system guides you through the process from beginning to end, and our community of creatives is a lot of fun to work with!

Start a Writing Project
Check out the prices
Learn more about How It Works

Creatives: Check out open Writing Projects

A Special Guarantee

Because Writing & Naming Projects are a brand new product, and we realize that no one likes to be a Guinea pig when cash is involved, we have this special promise to the first ten writing/naming projects to be started: if you receive less than 10 entries to your Writing Project, or less than 25 entries to your Naming Project, you will have the option of receiving a 100% refund of all monies paid (prize/fees/upgrades).

This is not an option once you receive more than the number of entries stated above.

To take advantage of this offer the project must have run the full ten days and you need to have commented/rated every entry.

Any suggestions or feedback on this new product are more than welcome!

PayPal reversing payments to and from India

PayPal has notified us that they are currently blocking payments to and from India. This resulted in several of the designers that got paid on the first not receiving their funds.

Once PayPal returns the denied funds to us (they have not yet done so) we will credit the amount back to the appropriate accounts on Hatchwise, payment will be attempted again as soon as PayPal lifts this ban, which is hopefully temporary.

Sorry for the trouble!