Everything seems to be running smoothly

Well, looks like we had a successful launch, everything is running the way it is supposed to, we have tons of great people taking part in the exciting logo design contests that we have had so far, and overall everything is “just peachy”.

Thanks to everyone that is working so hard to make eLogoContest a success!


We’re busy swatting bugs!

Thanks to several very helpful users (you know who you are) we have been rapidly finding and fixing all of the little bugs that tend to crop up when you go live with a project like this. A big thank you to all who have been giving us feedback, we couldn’t do it without you.

For all the rest of you – if you see something that looks out of place, or run across some wacky error message, please let us know by shooting us an email or sending Admin a PM once you are logged into your account.

Have a great day everyone!

eLogoContest has been selected as a “Killer Startup”!

eLogoContest is proud to have just been chosen as a Killer Startup on KillerStartups.com! Please help make us one of the Killer Startups of the Month by going to the below link and voting for us by clicking the Killer + button next to our review. Thanks very much to everyone that participates, every vote counts! This site is young and the more people that hear about it the better!

Go here to vote: http://www.killerstartups.com/Social-Networking/eLogoContestcom—Design-Contest-Supersite/

Let us know what you think!

This is your site! Tell us what you think of it, what you like best, what you think could be improved and what needs to go!

We are welcoming any and all comments about the site, positive or negative, and will respond to all. Leave a comment or login to your account and send us a PM (PM Admin). We won’t know you want something changed unless you tell us.

Thanks for being part of the eLogoContest Community.

Known issue: some entries not being assigned to entering designers

Hi all.

If you submitted an entry that is showing up as being submitted by another designer, don’t panic! This is a known issue that we are working on.

IF THIS HAS HAPPENED TO YOU: Simply send a PM to admin letting us know what contest the entry was in, what incorrect username the entry is appearing under and what entry it is (describe it a little). Once you pm us we will fix it right away.

Please be patient and bear with us as with deal with these issues that are bound to crop up.


The eLogoContest Team