The most talented designers in the world…

…can be found on eLogoContest!  No, seriously, the designers on this site must be some of the greatest around! I submit as proof the fact that out of the 12 logo contests started in the last 10 days 7 have already had the winner selected and the prize awarded! Some of the contests ( Earth Monkey, Brave Out, Eleora) ended within 12 hours!

Congrats to the extremely talented designers who have been able to flesh out the contest holders ideas so quickly and professionally, there are some really great designs being submitted.

DISCLAIMER: We do concede that there are other talented designers out there than the ones currently participating on eLogoContest (Milton Glaser, for example, hasn’t been seen around these parts yet), our excitement in the work being carried out at eLogoContest should not be translated as a put down to anyone. END DISCLAIMER

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