Wanna be featured on the eLogoContest blog?

We’re looking to feature a designer a week on the blog, and are looking for some volunteers.

The benefits:

  • Tell the world about your personal/company site
  • Promote your services
  • Tell the eLogo community about yourself


  • Need to be able to write well in english
  • Must have won at least one contest
  • Must submit a 125×125 pic or drawing of yourself
  •  That’s all!

How it works:

  • We send you a list of questions about yourself, your company/freelance experience, your experience here at eLogo etc.. via email
  • You respond to the questions via email
  • We post your response on the blog along with an “about you” section

How to volunteer: simply send an email to support@elogocontest.com or post a comment on this post.

Looking forward to working with you!


Arrrggghhhh – Payout for 10/14 will be delayed….

Hi all,
As some of you know we have had difficulty with PayPal in the past, which has delayed some payments. Unfortunately because of a balance transfer delay this payout (for 10/14) will be delayed till at least 10/17 and possibly as late as 10/20 (but we don’t expect this to be the case).

We apologize sincerely, and we are attempting to work things out so this doesn’t happen again.

Please direct any questions to support@elogocontest.com

Thanks so much for your patience!

Prize payout for 10/01 will be delayed several days

UPDATE: As we approach the end of business today (Friday) it looks like payment is actually going to end up being delayed until next Monday (10/6) as we had said might be the case. We will keep you updated.


We apologize but due to some temporary balance transfer issues with PayPal the prize payouts for October 1st (today) will be delayed a few days. We expect to have all payments out by Friday (10/3) but it may be as late as next Monday. We will keep you updated.

Thank you for your participation and your patience.