Hate or love design contests? Have your say at SpecDebate.

As just about anyone that hangs out on any design related blogs or forums knows, design contests are a polarizing topic, some people love them, some people think they were invented by the devil. The feedback we have gotten since we have launched eLogoContest has ranged from extremely positive (the vast majority of designers and contest holders that use the site) to the irrationally angry (mostly from people that don’t use the site) including at least one (badly spelled) death threat.

I and the other people behind eLogoContest believe firmly in design contests, not just as a source of revenue for our company, but as a way for businesses to develop their brand and designers to make money and develop their portfolio, and as an administrator on this site I have heard alot of very positive reasons for participating in design contests, and I have personally received eMails from numerous contest holders that couldn’t stop raving about how much they love the site and the design contest format in general.

I really think that design contests can stand up to the harshest criticism thrown at them, but unfortunately most discussions and debates about contests take place on forums and blogs that are predominately used by the design contest hating types, and any decent arguments in favor of design contests tend to get buried under the loads of dissenting opinions.

I do believe that designers should make educated opinions when deciding to participate in design contests or not, most of the other design contest sites (there are a few exceptions, but just a few) tend to ignore the dissenters and pretend that everyone accepts and loves design contests. But I think that when presented with the real facts from both sides people see the validity and value that design contests hold.

With the goal of  providing a platform that allows people to see just that, as well as allowing people from both positions to have their say on an equal footing we have launched a new site, SpecDebate, which lets anyone to post their opinion on design contests and spec work, as well as comment on anyone elses post. The best arguments are voted up by the other users of the site so that technically anyone can visit the site and get the full scoop on design contests in a minute or two.

Even though we created SpecDebate it is not attached to eLogoContest in any way. We will not be moderating, approving or deleting anyones posts, although we will be participating on the site just like anyone else. Consider it an experimental satellite that we are launching into the webosphere.

I have already posted my personal view on design contests on SpecDebate, and a few others have posted as well to get the conversation going, and I would like to encourage the eLogoContest community, the No-Spec crowd, and anyone else that cares to post their opinion to please take a minute and let us know your view on the subject. I will personally respond to any comments that are posted to my post on the site.  We do require a 10 second registration to cut down on spam, but  all you need to sign up is an email address.

We will be posting a link to SpecDebate on the main page of eLogoContest, to enable designers and clients to make educated decisions before participating on the site.

Let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions!


SpecDebate – http://www.specdebate.com

My post on SpecDebate:  http://www.specdebate.com/index.php?p=view&id=1


Meet the designers: Interview with Dennis Bosher (simplyg123)

 Dennis Bosher (eLogoContest designer “simplyg123”) kindly took the time to do an interview with us, please read below to learn more about this talented designer:

methumb.jpgTell us about yourself:  My name is Dennis Bosher. I am from Naples Florida. Up until two months ago, I worked for the last 3 years  as an Engineering Technician for a large firm. Due to the economy I was laid off. During my employment there, in my off time, I searched for a way to allow my wife to work at home. We have two kids, and it would have benefited us greatly. So I searched and searched, fell for a work at home scamor two, then I found the wonderful world of webmaster forums. I initially was looking for data entry, but nothing was really worth the time. While looking I noticed design contests within these forums. It reminded me of a fascination I had with graphic design many moons ago. The first thing I did was borrow a copy of Photoshop 5.0 from a friend of mine. Anyways long story short, my journey to find my wife a stay at home job, turned into a  part time business, and now a full time business. Over the years I got better and better, and my business became more and more established online.

dennis3.jpgHow long have you been designing?  Officially for 3 years

How did you get started designing? I started my designing career, when I discovered logo contests on forums.

What do you love the most about designing: The main thing that really makes me feel good about what I do, is when I visit a website, that’s using a  logo that I designed. When you see that people are willing to pay decent money for something you enjoy doing, it really does something for ones pride.

dennis2.jpgWhat do you HATE the most about designing: Clients that don’t know what they want. There was a time when I offered unlimited revisions with all of my services. NEVER AGAIN.

What has been your experience at eLogoContest: eLogoContest, has really surprised me, I had never heard of them, I was a member of the NamePros.com forum, and they mentioned eLogocContest would be taking over the contests for now. I was initially skeptical about how much work there would be, but to my surprise, there was a steady amount of contest being held, and with decent prizes. I reviewed many of the designers works, and felt confident that I would fit right in. I have been really happy with eLogoContest. After winning my first contest, it encouraged me to keep charging on, and assured me that I could make some decent money here.

dennis1.jpgIf you could see one thing change here at eLogoContest, what would it be? When I receive notifications, the link takes me to the main page, instead of the contest the notification was referring to. I would like the links in emails to link directly to that contest. Other than that don’t change a thing 😉

Do you have a website where we can learn more about you:  My design website http://www.skilledgraphics.com


Thank you Dennis for taking the time to do this interview, it’s really been nice getting to know more about you (it’s always great to put a face to a username!).

If anyone else is interested in doing an interview please see this post for more information.

Enough is enough: contest prize minimum set at $100

We’ve been live for over 9 months now, have over 1100 users signed up and have had over 15,000 awesome logos submitted to this site. We’ve also gotten a lot of feedback from our users, some of the strongest has been in opposition to there being no minimum prize requirement.

While “No Minimum Prize” was useful when building up our user base we feel that now is the time to set a solid prize minimum and we have done so, the prize minimum for a logo design contest is now $100. There are ALOT of REALLY talented designers on this site, and if you don’t feel that having them work on your logo is worth at least $100 bucks, then, well, there’s always MS Paint.

For those people that have a simple graphic design job they need done we will soon have the option available to run a “Graphic Design Contest” where the prize minimum will be less (so will the time the contest runs). We are also going to be adding banner ad and website design contests, along with a bunch of other LONG awaited features shortly.

NEW: Promote your company on eLogoContest

Since we have launched we have had a steady stream of designers, small business owners and just-plain-curious-people visiting the site on a very regular basis, in fact, we now have an average of 30,000 unique visitors a month, and over 100,000 page loads a month.

Now you can promote your website or business on eLogoContest in our special “advertising section” at the bottom of all external pages (pages where you don’t have to be logged in – over 15000 of them) on this site, the spot is a 125×125 banner ad and there are only 6 available, current rates are only $59/month, which is really quite a steal!

We are welcoming just about anybody to purchase an ad on the site, however, we are not allowing any sites that fall into the following categories:

  • Directly competing sites (you know who you are)
  • Any sites that promote racism, hate language, adult material, and so on and so forth (you know who you are too)
  • Any sites that we don’t feel are a good match for the eLogoContest Community.

If you have any questions please let us know!

You can buy ad spots here: http://www.buysellads.com/buy/detail/1324/