Enough is enough: contest prize minimum set at $100

We’ve been live for over 9 months now, have over 1100 users signed up and have had over 15,000 awesome logos submitted to this site. We’ve also gotten a lot of feedback from our users, some of the strongest has been in opposition to there being no minimum prize requirement.

While “No Minimum Prize” was useful when building up our user base we feel that now is the time to set a solid prize minimum and we have done so, the prize minimum for a logo design contest is now $100. There are ALOT of REALLY talented designers on this site, and if you don’t feel that having them work on your logo is worth at least $100 bucks, then, well, there’s always MS Paint.

For those people that have a simple graphic design job they need done we will soon have the option available to run a “Graphic Design Contest” where the prize minimum will be less (so will the time the contest runs). We are also going to be adding banner ad and website design contests, along with a bunch of other LONG awaited features shortly.


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