New look for eLogoContest + we want your suggestions!

As you may have noticed, we just upgraded the main site to a spiffy new design. The account sections (designer & contest holder) and the blog are also in the process of being changed.

As we continue to develop and improve the site we are constantly looking for your feedback. Since we launched we have received a lot of really great ideas and suggestions from our community, many of which we never would have thought of ourselves. Several of those ideas are now being developed and will soon be added, but there were a lot of other ideas we want to get your feedback on.

We have set up a “feedback forum” using and added many of the more popular ideas for improvement to it. Please check it out and comment on the ideas and cast your vote for your favorites, the best and most popular suggestions are going to get integrated into the site so now is the time to have your voice heard.

You can check out the feedback forum at

Hope you like the new design! Please let me know what you think! Happy New Year!


  1. I love the new look, so far. Good change is always refreshing. I don’t however, care too much for What’s up with the running out of votes thing? What kind of voting concept is that? I thought they were going to ask me to pay for a membership to have access to continued voting. Fortunately they did not. I would’ve seen it all if they did (it will be the day when we have to pay to cast a vote). Anyway, yes, I was one who ran out of votes before I could even get to the other topics to vote. So, whenever I can vote again, I will or whatever. Silly, huh?

  2. well i have come across your website plenty of time and thought about getting a membership, but it didnt look like it was what i was looking for. intel i came across it again and saw the new site. now im a member and love it. thank you for this great site!

  3. Di vahyn: I think the idea behind having just a few votes for each person is to make it so people vote on the items that matter the most to them. You can take back votes if you find another item that you think is more important. Hope that makes sense.

    Matthew: Thanks for the compliment! Glad you like the new design!

  4. I just ran a contest and it worked out very well. I even recommended eLogoContest on my blog ( as a great way for young companies to get a new logo. I love the honest feedback (though some of them were quite harsh!), and I think there needs to be some way to better manage the expectations between client and designers. The client I was helping had a much different vantage point from some of the designers, and it looks like this caused some negative feelings with the designers. There should be some way to mitigate that response, especially since your designers are the lifeblood of eLogoContest. Nevertheless, love your site.

    Miguel Tam
    Principal, TopSprout

  5. Hello There
    I work as a designer on your site. We want to submit 640 x 480 logo Presentation. currently we can submit 350×280 that is too small and its not a good size. If you can do that I think buyer will be more happy with the 40 x 480 logo Presentation.

    Best Regards

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