Whew! The move to the new server is finally over!

Wow, that was harder then expected: first the switch took forever and the site was unavailable overnight, then we had a bug crop up and entries were not being uploaded properly, but after working feverishly all day we finally have everything working as it should (at least I think we do…).

Thank you so much to everyone who put up with the problems and was more then gracious with us, you were great!

The server we are now on has four times as much RAM, way more bandwidth and a  way faster processor then the previous one, so hopefully we will see some increased performance in the way the site runs.

All contests that had been running for more then 48 hours were extended by 48 hours, and all others were reset to 10 days.

If anyone has any problems or questions please let me know (support@elogocontest.com).

I’m off to bed now…



Check out the new designer portfolios!

I’m pleased to announce that we now have a portfolio page for each of the talented designers that takes part on this site.

Showcased on each portfolio page are the winning designs for any contests that designer has won, as well as ALL of the entries the designer has submitted to the site. You can also see which contests the designer is participating in and read some cool facts about that particular designers participation on the site.

Check out a few of the more prolific (and extremely talented) designers here:

Mahmur: http://www.elogocontest.com/designers.php?designer=mahmur

Xpressions: http://www.elogocontest.com/designers.php?designer=xpressions

SmurfyGirl: http://www.elogocontest.com/designers.php?designer=smurfygirl

Want to check out one of your favorite designers, or maybe yourself? Easy, just copy and paste the below URL and replace “YourNameHere” with your eLogoContest designer username.


I think it’s been bug checked pretty well, but if you run across anything that doesn’t work or look right please let me know.

As always please let us know your ideas for the site over at our feedback portal.

Some new features….

As you may have noticed, we have been slowly adding some new features to the public section of the site, those features have now also been migrated over so that they are able to be viewed when logged in as a designer, and contest holders will soon have them as well.

The features are listed below:

Mouseover entry enlarge – just hold your mouse over an entry to immediately see the larger version.

More consistent entry sizes – entries are all the same size now, making it so that the site has a much cleaner, easier to navigate look.

Winning entry shows up at the top of all entries – now you can easily see which entry won without having to scroll through all the entries, the winning entry is also highlighted in red.

New forum – we have upgraded the designer forums and will soon be opening it up to the contest holders as well (there will be a “general” section, as well as  “designers only” and “contest holders only” sections.

More features coming soon!

Please let me know if you run across any bugs!