eLogoContest is now HatchWise! (plus: run all types of design contests!)


I’m very excited to announce something that has been a long time in the works – a name change for eLogoContest and the addition of a bunch of new types of design contests.

Ever since we launched in 2008, we have constantly had contest holders contact us asking if they could run other types of design contest – such as website design contests and t-shirt design contests, and we also had designers letting us know that they would love to be able to enter other types of contests.

One of the things that kept us from making these changes earlier on was that when we had originally launched, we had, in effect, limited the scope of the site by naming it “eLogoContest”, which pretty much pigeonholed the site as only being for Logo Design Contests.

We wanted to expand the vision of the site and meets our customers demands, so in January 2009 we started brainstorming new names for the site, after about 6 months of debate we settled on HatchWise, a perfect combination of the fact that our site is used by people “hatching” brands, ideas and designs, and the fact that we feel that we are the wisest choice for them – and that by using us they can literally “HatchWise”.

Yesterday, on August 13th, we made the official switch to HatchWise.com, and released an update to the site that makes it possible to run contests for Websites, T Shirts, Business Cards/Stationery, Brochures, Banner Ads, and we’ve even added a special “other” category for anything the other categories don’t take care of.

A note on bugs and such…

We thoroughly tested the site before making the move and upgrades, but nothing goes perfectly and bugs DO pop up. If you run into a problem with the site please respond to this email and let us know – it’s the only way we’ll figure out what’s going wonky!

Upcoming Changes for Designers

We have a whole host of changes scheduled for the near future, among them a designer dispute forum where you can get peer opinion on designs you feel are copying yours or using clipart. And an updated client account area that requires the contest holders to rate and review each entry before they can see new entries, which should raise feedback amount by 1000%, among many other changes!

Upcoming changes for Contest Holders

We have a whole host of changes scheduled for the near future, among them an easier to use client account area, soon you’ll be able to comment and rate entries without leaving the contest detail page, among many other changes! We’ll keep you posted!
Thank you so much for participating on HatchWise, we couldn’t do it without you (literally)!

George Ryan and the rest of the HatchWise team