PayPal reversing payments to and from India

PayPal has notified us that they are currently blocking payments to and from India. This resulted in several of the designers that got paid on the first not receiving their funds.

Once PayPal returns the denied funds to us (they have not yet done so) we will credit the amount back to the appropriate accounts on Hatchwise, payment will be attempted again as soon as PayPal lifts this ban, which is hopefully temporary.

Sorry for the trouble!


Design Court Cases Not Showing Up…

Just learned today that apparently design court cases haven’t been showing up for the last few weeks. Did some quick digging around and found a small glitch in the database. All is fixed and should now be working smoothly.

If you recently reported a design but didn’t actually see it show up in design court then it DID NOT actually get reported.

If you still want to report the design please email with the subject line “Design Court Entry Needs To Be Reset”, and make sure to include the entry number you had tried to report. Once we get your email we’ll reset the design so you can re-report it.
Sorry for the trouble folks.