Writing and Naming Projects are now on Hatchwise

Hello and Greetings from Hatchwise,
Here at Hatchwise we believe that once you “hatch” as a business your journey has just begun, and ever since we launched Hatchwise we have constantly been growing, innovating, and improving our services as our community has faithfully provided us with feedback.

A month or two ago we launched Brandstorming Sessions, a cool new way to come up with a brand for your company or product, and today we are excited to be launching Writing Projects and Naming Projects.

Naming Projects – for those without a name

So you need a slogan, tagline, company name, product name or available domain name but can’t for the life of you think of one? We can help!The process is simple: tell the creatives the details of what you are looking to name, select a prize amount (as low as $60!) and watch the suggestions pour in! If what you are looking for is an incredibly cool available domain name for your new website, the Creatives will make sure that their suggestions are available to register!

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Creatives: Check out open Naming Projects

Writing Projects –  a cool way to find a writer

We’ve come up with a cool new way for you to connect with a writer the next time you need a book, short story, script, lyrics, poetry, resume, article, seo content or some website content written.

How does it work?
It’s simple: just post a project detailing what type of writing you are looking for, and creatives will begin writing and posting a portion of the project (generally around 250 words per entry) for you to review. You then look over the entries and select your favorite, at which point the winning creative writes and delivers the entire project.

A simple, easy to use system guides you through the process from beginning to end, and our community of creatives is a lot of fun to work with!

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Creatives: Check out open Writing Projects

A Special Guarantee

Because Writing & Naming Projects are a brand new product, and we realize that no one likes to be a Guinea pig when cash is involved, we have this special promise to the first ten writing/naming projects to be started: if you receive less than 10 entries to your Writing Project, or less than 25 entries to your Naming Project, you will have the option of receiving a 100% refund of all monies paid (prize/fees/upgrades).

This is not an option once you receive more than the number of entries stated above.

To take advantage of this offer the project must have run the full ten days and you need to have commented/rated every entry.

Any suggestions or feedback on this new product are more than welcome!