We are no longer accepting new designers into Hatchwise. We are, however, growing in leaps and bounds.

After much thought we have decided to stop accepting new designers here at Hatchwise for the foreseeable future. We currently have a little over 11,000 registered designers, and the average number of entries is very high, as is the quality of submitted designs, so we’ve made this decision to give our existing community a chance to prove that they have what it takes to keep our customers happy and cut down on any instances of plagiarism.

We’re excited about this change, as hopefully our community will grow closer, and we’ll get to know you all better. It will also help greatly with any misuse of clipart as banned designers will be unable to sign back up.

As far as the future goes, if we do open Hatchwise back up to the outside we’re considering an invite only option, where designers can invite other designers, and possibly have a thorough vetting process after that. Any feedback or ideas on this are very welcome.

If you haven’t been on Hatchwise in a while we would like to encourage you to give us another shot. There are more projects running then ever, and the issues of the past (concept theft, unoriginal design etc…) is virtually a thing of the past.

One thing that we will be handling differently from here forward is accounts being banned.  We still have a zero tolerance policy for clipart – get banned for it and there is no coming back. Accounts that get banned for following other designs to closely will be handled on a case by case basis from here on out, though.

TEASER:  We’re been working for months on Hatchwise 2.0 and are almost done, we’ve redesigned everything and added a ton of new features, check out the screenshot below….