We are no longer accepting new designers into Hatchwise. We are, however, growing in leaps and bounds.

After much thought we have decided to stop accepting new designers here at Hatchwise for the foreseeable future. We currently have a little over 11,000 registered designers, and the average number of entries is very high, as is the quality of submitted designs, so we’ve made this decision to give our existing community a chance to prove that they have what it takes to keep our customers happy and cut down on any instances of plagiarism.

We’re excited about this change, as hopefully our community will grow closer, and we’ll get to know you all better. It will also help greatly with any misuse of clipart as banned designers will be unable to sign back up.

As far as the future goes, if we do open Hatchwise back up to the outside we’re considering an invite only option, where designers can invite other designers, and possibly have a thorough vetting process after that. Any feedback or ideas on this are very welcome.

If you haven’t been on Hatchwise in a while we would like to encourage you to give us another shot. There are more projects running then ever, and the issues of the past (concept theft, unoriginal design etc…) is virtually a thing of the past.

One thing that we will be handling differently from here forward is accounts being banned.  We still have a zero tolerance policy for clipart – get banned for it and there is no coming back. Accounts that get banned for following other designs to closely will be handled on a case by case basis from here on out, though.

TEASER:  We’re been working for months on Hatchwise 2.0 and are almost done, we’ve redesigned everything and added a ton of new features, check out the screenshot below….



  1. Very good. I think if registration goes open again there should be a voting page. where designer who wants to be part of HW must show like 10 logos he has done. it would help to eliminate those who use clipart. just a thought

  2. i hope DC system gets the upgrade too. so that voting dont start right away, and designer who has sent to DC has a chance to withdraw his design if he chooses (it doesnt include clipart cases) exact cases must be ones that you cannot withdraw.

    “Accounts that get banned for following other designs to closely will be handled on a case by case basis from shere on out, though.”

    i hope it doesn encourage some designer to feel more secure for doing it. knowing it they can always come back 🙂

    cant wait to see the the final results of the 2.0

    PS: Please put back the gallery where each designers were able to see designs they have uploaded. I miss that 🙂



    • Plasticity – all that it means is that we’re not just going to let the system make the final call, and will be more likely to give people a second chance if they protest the ban. We’re not stupid, if someone tries to abuse the system they’re not going to be sticking around. You can email Sam at support@hatchwise.com about adding back in the view all entries page, we should be able to tack that back into the new site no problem.

  3. I think this new policy of holding off on bringing on new designers is great. I have not participated for some time because of some of the issue mentioned. I check out current projects all the time but I will start to join in again on projects. The only thing that pulls me away from projects here is when projects are low budget. A lot of time goes into a design and when you are Working on a logo for example that has a $150 budget, the process, time and uncertainty of the project owner on what they want sometimes does not make it worth the effort. I love designing and would do it for free if I could but something has to pay the bills. You all get what I am saying. Keep up the great work hatchwise.

  4. Okay, when i heard word: “redesigned” i was thrilled to see new screenshots and site in live mode but when i saw this screnshot, first thing that came im my head was: “this is the same site”. How site which is used to make better and proffesional designs can have some design like that.

    Personaly i think that this design is very old and outdated.

    But, i like ideas you mentiond in this text.

    Best regards.

  5. I suggest that in the future logos where CH is looking illustrative logos. aka mascots etc those should be higher price by default. illustrations took more time than reguar logos. so it would be nice 🙂
    I am not a illustration guy myself but i know how it goes 🙂

  6. “BIG NEWS: We are no longer accepting new designers at Hatchwise.”

    WHAT!!??? that’s a BIG BAD NEWS.. let me open the email..

    ****email opened****

    WOW! HATCHWISE is getting even better.. this is really a BIG GOOD NEWS.. lots of things will change for the better.. 11,000 designers, and designers i can see joining the contests are about 50 designers? their were regular designers.. and some left, got banned and registered numerous account.. i believe that these accounts will be wiped out? and we’re back to zero in the new hatchwise, right? this way we can start it out clean.. i will be more than happy to be one of the first generation of the new HATCHWISE 2.0..

    i’m gonna miss the original hatchwise though, however, i am really looking forward to be in the new hatchwise 2.0.. btw, hatchwise will not accept new designers, but still accept new projects? till hatchwise 2.0 is launched right?

    thank you very much admin for your efforts..

  7. Does that mean the previous transactions are to be cancelled too?

    One of my ready-made logo design has been sold thru identitycrowd, but neither can I log on to identitycrowd nor heard anything from you.

    Earlier I also sold another pre-made logo design from identitycrowd and the buyer contacted and finalised the deal – and I got payment after a long delay. this time neither the buyer contacted me for any modification (I hope they liked it as is) nor cud I log into identitycrowd for checking payment status.

    Hope that everything would become ok soon.

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