Community Logo Design Contest: Redesign the Rhode Island State Logo – $1000 prize

On March 28th, Rhode Island unveiled its new logo, part of a $5M marketing campaign. Despite the fact that the logo was designed by Milton Glaser, a renowned designer previously responsible for the ILoveNY logo, among others, response has been largely negative, with some going as far as describing the logo as “embarrassing“.

Hatchwise is located right on the Connecticut side of the CT/RI border, in Pawcatuck, CT, and Rhode Island is very near and dear to all of who work at Hatchwise, especially considering most of us actually spend most of our free time in Rhode Island.

We have therefore decided to step in and make sure that the people of Rhode Island, indeed, the world, have a voice in designing and selecting the perfect logo to represent Rhode Island, by hosting an unofficial contest to come up with a new design that everyone loves.

The contest is open to everyone, with finalists being selected by Hatchwise staff, the finalists will then be voted on by the general public via an online poll (although Hatchwise staff reserves the right to select the final winner if need be), the winner will receive $1000 (minus Hatchwise processing fee of 20-35%) and the winning design will be presented to the Rhode Island government to do what they want with, free of charge.

View or enter the contest.



  1. THIS CONTEST IS A GREAT IDEA! To bad Governor Gina Raimondo did not contact you first. It would have saved taxpayers millions of dollars. I not artistically talented so I won’t be entering the contest. The hundreds you have posted are all very creative and much better than the one the Governor presented to us. The problem I see is the Governor will not let go of the logo and she twisted the debacle events of the last week around. She called the criticism of the RI Ad “inspiring conversation”. She is so illogical saying that the people are “engaging the white space making it their own”. She does not recognize ridicule or she is just a master of spinning the truth and weaving the web. She have not learned a thing. Good Luck and Thank you for your effort.

  2. I like entry #1232021 because it design is unique. The uses an eagle to represent the spirit and history of RI and th slogan is “Defining America.” You can tell this is a free hand drawing not a computer generated drawing. Yes, RI is the Ocean State with sailboats, and ocean but, that idea has been over worked. If RI is going to change its image it needs to go back to its heritage that is why I like #1232021

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